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the most advanced medicines management tool  

Everyday, every GP signs hundreds of repeat prescriptions. The script appears in the EPS inbox with no safety checks completed.

pocketGP transforms the pathway


PocketGP MediScan checks the patients medical record with every script ordered. It follows rules depending on the drug or drug class and makes the EPS signing process: 

  • Safer

  • Faster

  • More thorough

  • Medically up-to-date

  • Able to catch missing QOF reviews 

  • Compliant with CQC monitoring

When the script arrives in the EPS inbox, you can sign or review with confidence.

The practice lead can choose and amend any workflow for any drug or drug class ensuring pocketGP always follows the practice/PCN/ICB policy. 

Shared Care

Shared Care drugs are some of the most complex drugs prescribed in primary care. PocketGP ensure patient, GP and secondary are appropriately involved. 
pocketGP can ensure the patient is informed and empowered and the GP can be confident that all safety checks are complete. 

PocketGP MediScan providing information about Methotrexate


PocketGP MediScan conducting saftey checks on methotrexate

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