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let pocketGP complete your consultation

As a GP, do you ?

Run out of time in a consultation ?

Struggle to get all of the information across?

Remember all the latest changes to advice guidelines?

Get all your community referrals done for the patient?

Need a second or third consultation due to lack of time?

Remember all the safety netting advice for every medicine?

pocketGP reads the medical record and can automatically help with all of these.


You simply diagnose a condition or initiate a medicine and pocketGP follows up automatically with:

  • personalised information videos 

  • self referral to local services 

  • Safety and safety netting information

  • Self help resources for the patient 

The practice lead can choose and amend any content their patients get, making the experience entirely bespoke for that practice. 


The patient leaves the consultation with a complete, up to date set of resources. 

Since it work by reading the medical record, it provides personalised information automatically for the individual patient.

Saving you time and follow up appointments

PocketGP providing information and referrals for depression and saftey-netting for urgent help


PocketGP providing information and referrals for rheumatoid arthritis

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